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Are you looking for how to earn money from home in India 2020? Have you bothered working from am 9:00 to 5:00 pm then don’t worry you are in the right place.

Remember, there are many ways to earn money online but be careful there are also many fake online jobs from which you will not make money but also waste your important time.

So today I will tell you the exact method that how to earn money from home in India 2020 and I know it will help you a lot to be financially strong without any hassle.

The Internet can not give you money quickly but when you do more work, more will be good for your future and after that, it will give you a passive income which is better than active income.

But before starting I am giving some quick tips for you that really help you to avoid getting scams.

Quick tips for you
  • Whoever provides you captcha filling or data entry jobs online then most of them are fake or scams. So please I would recommend to you that don’t waste your quality time & money.
  • There is no way to earn money very quickly except in big crime, fraud & scams. So please stay away from all of these things because you will earn money surely in a short period of time but one day you will be caught which is very bad for your future and for your family. Therefore, you should adopt a genuine method even if it takes time but one day you will definitely get success which will bring your life happiness.
  • Don’t apply for an online job anywhere without any doing verification because maybe you complete their service and after getting the work done they do not give money to you, due to which you will be trapped in fraud.
Have a question How to earn money from home in India 2020? Of course, you can genuinely make money online, if
  • If you have a passion to learn various types of skills like blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, content writing, web development, web designing, video editing etc. then you can definitely earn money online from home easily.
  • You can work with starting a blog and expect some income approx in 6-8 months depending on your smartness and hard work. You need to all this is a good internet connection, one laptop and less than Rs. 8,000 to start an online business. You just have to buy one domain and one good hosting [Bluehot India] and that’s it now you can do your work from home. This is the best way to get success in life.

If you are still reading that means you are willing to work hard to make an online income how to earn money from home in India 2020, right?

Top 5 genuine ways, how to earn money from home in India 2020

1. Start a Blog (Blogging)

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money from home in India 2020. You can easily make money from writing articles for your blog. You have to just make a website or start a blog and after that, you have to just write articles regularly.

You have to attach Google Adsense with your website or blog. After that, you can create Ads using Google Adsense and display ads on your blog. When someone clicks on such ad blocks you will get some money for that click.

Then after 6-8 months, you will get money every month. To get more information about how to earn money from home in India 2020 from blogging then stay tuned I will write an article for you in the upcoming days.

The main difference between any job and owning a business is that your blog can be your online business, it will take some more time to build your audience but you will keep making money even when you are travelling or sleeping.

Why Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online?

Blogging is one such field where no qualification or specialization is required and you can start with a low investment way of earning money from home. The basic requirement for blogging is that you should know how to operate the internet.

Every person can do blogging and earn money from home in India 2020 from home doesn’t matter whether it is a 50-year old person or a 14-year old kid.

How many ways to earn money from home in India 2020 through Blogging?

The best and most effective way is to create a website and post the article on that website. There are multiple ways to earn money through Blogging, which is given below.

1. Google Ads – this is the simplest and most popular way of monetizing your website. If you have decent traffic on your website then you can register your website to Google Adsense. Once google approved your website to show ads then you will start earning. On every unique click on your ads, you will get a commission from google on the basis of CPC(cost per click).

2. Sponsorship Ads – If you are getting lots of traffic on your website then you can start putting the advertisement on your blog for companies, institutions or any other organizations and start earning from them. They will pay you more money to display ads of them on your website.

3. Sponsored Posts – The sponsored post is another way of earning from your blog or website. You just have to write a well-written quality post for the company or organization on your blog charge from the company or organization.

4. Affiliate Marketing – there are many affiliate programs in the market that are run by companies. Amazon e-commerce company is one of the most popular affiliate programs who give the opportunity to earn money from home in India 2020 from home.

You just need to put the product link on which item you want to be sold. For every sale, you will get a guaranteed commission from Amazon. Not only Amazon you can join multiple affiliate marketing programs like Flipkart, domain providers (like GoDaddy, Bigrock), Hosting providers (like A2 Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround) etc.

2. Become a YouTuber

You do not know that all the people are earning millions from YouTube. It is not that much easy but whoever will upload videos on a particular topic regularly if they are sincere with their hard and smart work.  Then one day you will get unbeatable success on YouTube and earn a lot of money.

But before this, you have to decide that you work on only a single niche and not make multiple niche type videos on your youtube channel because due to this you might not get success after doing hard work. That is why you have to do defining work with your proper niche.

So just you have to create your channel related to your knowledge-based where you can give the best to your viewers and make a regular video and after 5-6 months you will see good results.

Tips: To earn money from home in India 2020, two kinds of people can get success on YouTube, one who makes funny & entertaining videos and the second who can make highly helpful videos for a niche audience like students, cooks, vlogs, technology.

3. Become a Freelancer

Freelance is a job in which you work for others and if you complete their task in a given time period then they will give you money for that work. Most of the tasks given by them are technical or creative in nature.

What is Freelancing?

If you take a task from any person to get his work done without being employed under him or her to them then they will give you money after completing their work. There can be a lot of jobs that can take up and deliver online at freelancing websites.

If you are good at any skill then you can generate a good income. Suppose you are good at writing articles then you can earn money by writing to him sell them.

So if you want to earn money from home in India 2020 then you must have a creative or technical type of knowledge then you can apply as a freelancer and you can charge them as much as you want. There are many online freelancing jobs available like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer etc.

To earn money from home in India 2020 then you have to just Signup and make an attractive profile and then you will start getting many good job offers related to your profile listing. Remember that, when you create a more attractive profile then you will get more work from them.

4. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Want to earn money from home in India 2020 without any big investment? Then affiliate marketing is one of the highest revenue ways to earn money online. Many big companies run an affiliate program and if you join the affiliate program of that company and sell their product or services then they will give you a commission for every sell or product service.

How can I join the Affiliate Program?

Simply signup to the affiliate networks like Amazon, Flipkart, A2Hosting, SiteGround, Bluehost or others and fill in all the details asked. After completing the submission form then the affiliate company will review your application and if you meet their terms & conditions then they will approve your account. That’s it now you can earn money by selling products or services.

How can I earn money from home in India 2020 through Affiliate Program?

If your user buys a product through your affiliate link then the company will pay you commission for the same. There are multiple ways you can do affiliate marketing.

1. If you are a blogger you can share the affiliate links on your blog or website
2. You can share the affiliate link on YouTube channels
3. You can share the affiliate link on Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups etc.

What is Affiliate Link?

The company that gives you the facility to do an affiliate program. So it gives you the option to share the link in the dashboard of your account. With the help of this link, you can also track the sales made by you or not.

5. Selling Online Course

Although I am pooting this option in the last but this my most favourite method to earn good money. My main focus for 2020 is to sell online courses.

With the help of online course sales, I will be trying to make at least 50-60% of my online income. So, how should we sell online courses? On which topic we should make the sale of the online courses? I will answer all these in this article.

I will tell you a one-by-one step process to earn money from home in India 2020 so that it becomes easy for you.

Step 1: If you want to earn money from home in India 2020 seriously then, First of all, you have to decide which is the best skill you have? In which you are very confident and you can teach. For example web development & designing, blogging, affiliate marketing, photography, video editing etc.

Step 2: After selecting your best skill search for all the online courses related to your skill and make a list of topics that other people are covering in their online courses.

Step 3: Create a comprehensive outline of the course by breaking it into modules and lessons.

Step 4: While recording videos of courses, one thing that you must remember is that the quality of the video and quality of the content must be good.

Step 5: Create videos one by one according to your module and lessons.

Step 6: The next step is to upload all your videos one by one on a platform like Instamojo or Udemy.

Step 7: Promote your online courses if you have an audience. If you do not have an audience, then you can run your course through Facebook advertisements and get a good conversion.

Step 8: If you have more questions to earn money from home in India 2020 then you can ask any question in my Blogger Skool Facebook Group.


How to make money in India for students ‘or’ How to earn money online in India for students ‘or’ How to earn money from home in India 2020 in India?

If you are a student and you want to earn money in India then according to my you should become a freelancer. Become a freelance at Upwork, Fiver, Truelance, Freelancer for part-time because your time is very important for your education so you can save your time for the study also.

How to earn money from home in India 2020 without any investment ‘or’ How to make money online in India without investment?

If you want to make money without investment then you can become a Youtuber or freelancer. Because it takes nothing except skill and hard work. After 6-8 months you can easily earn money online. Remember without hard work with your passion you can’t get anything.

How to earn money from home in India 2020 fast ‘or’ What is the fastest way to earn money in India?

There is no way to earn money from home in India 2020 very quickly except crime, fraud or scams which are very bad things. So, I would recommend you do hard work with your skill and get passive income.

What is the best way to earn passive income in India ‘or’ What is the best way to earn money online in India with a laptop?

The way to earn money from home in India 2020 is to start a blogging career or affiliate marketing. You just have to require one laptop and a good internet connection. Of course, you have to invest some money to buy a domain & hosting to start your business in blogging or affiliate marketing.


The above 5 ways which I told you are the most effective ways to earn money from home in India 2020. The sooner you start the faster you will reach the destination.

These 5 ways are the best ways to earn money online. Even I do Blogging to generate a passive income online so you can also choose your own way from the above list and start making money.

Keep in mind that nothing gonna help you until you take the action no matter how much information I give you. If you are really serious about how to earn money from home in India 2020 then choose any of the above methods and start working on it from today.