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When it comes to a person`s security and rights, each state has different requirements and laws. For this reason, it`s a good idea to know exactly where your laws stand if you own a stun gun in the state of Florida for your protection. In Florida, it is illegal to swing the stun gun or taser in a rude, negligent, angry or threatening manner, unless it is necessary to defend oneself. This offence is generally classified as a first-degree offence, but can be charged as a crime if the crime occurred on or near school property or at a school-sponsored event, either during school hours or during the event. A Taser would be classified as a “stun arrow gun” in Florida. This means that it is a device that has one or more darts that can provide an electric current. Allegations of firearms can be serious, even if they are only due to the use of a stun gun. Make sure you are informed, protected, and defended by a qualified defense attorney in Tallahassee. Don Pumphrey and the members of the legal team at the pumphrey law firm will fight diligently for your rights and ensure that you have equal rights in the courtroom. Call us today at (850) 681 – 7777 or send us an online message today to discuss your legal case with a lawyer on our team during an open and free consultation. It is important that people have the opportunity to defend themselves.

In a world where being in the wrong place at the wrong time could prove deadly, or where someone unexpectedly enters your home, many Floridians strive to have self-defense tools at their fingertips to keep them safe. One of the most common self-defense tools is a stun gun or taser. But is it legal to wear them in Florida? How and where can you use them? We`ll cover all of this and more in our blog post. If you`re not sure what counts like a stun gun in Florida, then you`re really not alone. Keep in mind that you don`t need a hidden gun and a Florida firearms license to carry or purchase a TASER or stun gun for self-defense. If you have a license for hidden weapons and firearms in Florida, you can legally carry a whole range of hidden weapons. This law includes both non-lethal and lethal weapons. Under a firearms and hidden firearms license, you can legally carry all of the following weapons: Florida law sets certain parameters for the types of people who are able to legally purchase or use an electric gun.

In Florida, you can be prosecuted for purchasing, possessing, or using an electric gun if you meet the following requirements: In Florida, it is legal to possess and carry a stun gun; However, before buying one, it is important for residents to keep in mind that there are also restrictions. When traveling through different states, it is important for licensees to know that they are subject to the laws of that state, and if the state through which they are traveling no longer recognizes a firearms license, they are committing a convict. Depending on the state you`re traveling in, you may need to do more research and plan to see what you`re legally allowed to wear. For many states, this also applies to self-defense devices such as stun guns and pepper spray. Are you interested in the safety of stun guns? If that`s the case, then you already know that part of self-protection is understanding the law. Here`s everything you need to know about Florida`s drug laws! In Florida, you don`t need to have a license to buy or carry a stun gun or taser as long as it`s used for self-defense. However, other scenarios in which these devices can be used are subject to certain limitations. If you own a stun gun or taser, it`s important to learn about the different state laws surrounding these devices, as improper use of these “weapons” can have serious consequences. I am a criminal who has not had problems for eight years or who has been on probation for eight years, I have a wife and three children who I understand I will work on a gun, sometimes I fear that I do not have the means to defend my home and my family is there, If someone has a law degree that can confirm that I can legally own one, our team has over 100 years of combined experience in criminal law.

We work closely with our clients and communicate with them at every stage of the legal process. To arrange a free consultation, call or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation. Have you ever heard of a hidden gun and a gun license in Florida? If not, we`re here to give you a refresher on drug gun laws. Here is the breakdown. In Florida, there are only three things a criminal can`t own. A firearm, ammunition and an electrical weapon or device. Nowhere is it said that criminals cannot possess pepper spray or even tear gas. It simply says that they can`t carry these hidden things. Pepper spray in a container of 2 ounces or less is not even considered a chemical weapon or device. Which means that a criminal can wear it hidden.

A criminal can own a pepperball gun and carry it as long as he carries it openly. The wording is very clear. These lawyers lie to all criminals. Serious criminals have every right to protect themselves. Serious criminals are entitled to any disposition of the standing statue. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I challenge all lawyers to prove me wrong. Let`s bet you can`t. Show me a case where a criminal was convicted of possession of pepper spray or even tear gas.

Let`s bet you can`t. Stop treating criminals as second-class citizens. People make mistakes and change their lives. They have every right to defend themselves against violence. There are so many laws in the books that most people are criminals, they just haven`t been convicted. Including most lawyers. Show me a lawyer who did not commit perjury, and I will show you a lawyer who graduated from law 10 minutes ago. Okay, so what if you try to threaten, use or show your electric gun while committing a crime? The answer is simple: if this is the case, you will be charged with a third-degree crime. Also, don`t even think about intentionally using your stun gun against a peace officer. The craziest part is that Florida doesn`t give state governments a say in the rights and regulations of narcotic weapons, but that`s not exactly the case with other weapons.

Surprisingly, Florida`s laws change from county to county. In case you don`t know, stun guns give you an electric shock when you touch someone else directly with your device. Meanwhile, TASER devices send darts over long distances and deliver electrical current through their wires connected to their darts. Understand this: TASER devices can literally disrupt your target`s “neuromuscular system,” even in their body. Did you know that nearly 2 million people in Florida have hidden gun certificates? Yes, you read that right. The best thing about this license is that it also covers weapons such as stun guns. In addition, you now know the legal obligations imposed on you to comply with Florida`s secret port laws if you choose to wear the Taser as a hidden weapon on your person. This ensures that when you buy your new Taser, you are walking the streets of Florida with happiness and confidence. That`s it for now! You may be wondering: Can minors in the state of Florida use stun guns? Then you`ve come to the right place.

To tell you the truth, there are a few laws that restrict the possession and use of electric weapons by minors under the age of 16. But here`s the thing. As long as you keep your firearms hidden in a secure locker or container, you can`t legally get into trouble when your teen accesses your device.