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Can you please clarify the legal shade percentages. Because in the states of Kerala and Karnataka, the 0% shade mentioned by the policeman is legal and the vehicle with more than that is definitely fined! Hello Dinesh No, it is not legal to have a carbon fiber hood as it affects body weight, which can be dangerous on the road An owner of Isuzu D-Max V-Cross from Kerala has received a huge penalty of almost half a lakh for illegal vehicle modifications. The MVD asked the Muvattupuzha man to return the vehicle to its original condition if he wanted the suspension revoked. This modified Isuzu more or less checks the list of all illegal vehicle modifications that exist. This modified pickup shows huge ground clearance, big Cooper tires, and huge wheels, to name a few. The legal side of the engine modifications is a bit confusing. While some engine changes and “settings” are required by law, others are not. The bill passed by the SC in 2019 clearly prohibits all amendments that do not meet the manufacturer`s specifications. This also includes upgrading your car`s engine to a better engine.

This can lead to accidents. Many manufacturers offer HID lamps in vehicles, but these lamps are properly configured and receive projector lamps to ensure that they do not project strong rays into the eyes of oncoming vehicles. The legality of the tint depends on the percentage of light that can pass through the tinted windows. The tint of the windows is not always illegal as long as the tint can filter enough light. The front and rear windscreen shall be at least 70% transparent to be approved for road traffic. If the tinted film you get for your car doesn`t allow 70% VLT, it`s against the law. Nevertheless, you can use a relatively darker shade on the side windows. It is enough to let in at least 50% of the sunlight. Read: Car modifications in India | Legal vs illegal A license plate that bears an unconventional work of art or font is definitely illegal. In addition, the dimensions of the panel should not exceed the prescribed size. You must display the number of license plates at the front and rear of the vehicle. Only cars with HSRP (high security license plate) are legal throughout India.

Is it legal to replace the existing halogen lamp with an LED of the same power? Is it illegal to add diffusers (fibers) to bumpers? Please help. Hood color change and illegal ventilation structure addition? Any replacement lamp installed must be placed under the hood and covered when the vehicle is on public roads. These replacement lamps are intended for off-road use only and cannot be used on public roads. Modified headlights and taillights are against the law. You can`t really exchange your headlights for those of the color of your choice. And if the headlights are too bright, vehicles coming from the opposite direction may be blind. Bodylift kits lift the vehicle body and are designed to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle. Although we change the ride height here, we do not make any changes to the suspension.

But a lifting kit can be problematic and therefore illegal in India. No, adding curtains to a car is perfectly legal. Many Sarkaari Gaadi do this. Yes, the technical installation of a turbocharger in a naturally aspirated vehicle is absolutely legal. Hi Ashfaq, No, changing the bumper is not illegal unless it is similar or exactly like the stock. Hope this helps, stay pinned! 🙂 Replacement auxiliary lamps mounted on the hood are also illegal in India. I have a black car. The black roof heats up too much in the summer. Can I get a silver-colored vinyl film only on the roof to lower its tests in the summer. The rest of all body colors will remain black.

Is it legal to have only vinyl packaging on the roof? Is changing the bumper with the aftermarket bumper illegal? Most modifications that are considered illegal are often dangerous in one way or another. A change in the structure or integral elements of the vehicle can pose a huge safety risk. Installing Bull Bars can sometimes protect the car, but not pedestrians. If you change the color of the vehicle without informing the authorities, the car you are driving could just as easily be a stolen vehicle. Is it legal to change the interior of a car like a Kia carnival into a luxury caravan or something similar, please answer ]]>High-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, also known as xenon lights, provide more bright light on the road than standard halogen bulbs and also consume less electricity. However, installing xenon lamps as a secondary market upgrade as opposed to standard installation in the production line is not legal because the lens and reflector of a halogen lamp without changing the entire headlight unit can create a dazzling effect and cause light blindness on the opposite side for a while. Xenon lamps are better when used with headlamps, as this will circulate the light from the car in the same way, otherwise the light will spread. Vehicle modification refers to cosmetic changes or changes to factory regulations that improve the performance of the vehicle or improve its appearance. However, before you think about having your car modified, make sure you have all the information. Indeed, not all vehicle modifications are legal. So here we look at some car modifications that are taboo. Changing the entire body color of my car from black to silver or white is illegal or we can change the color? Will this have an impact while I choose CF in RTO? It should be noted that the police plan to catch drivers at night and check their vehicles with lux counters.

Driving should affect a large number of people who have modified the headlights to see better at night. Yes, you are unlikely to have problems with a roof box or snorkel. With the Supreme Court`s decision, we can expect many such trips to Kerala and other states in the future. Legally, you cannot cut the roof of your vehicle. You can`t turn your regular car into a convertible. Plus, you also can`t cut out a DIY sunroof on top. The roof of the vehicle is an integral part of the chassis and an integral part of the vehicle. Cutting off the roof would mean that the structural integrity of the car would be compromised. All of this would increase the safety risk to which you and other occupants are exposed.

Lol I`m still going to install a batch of tuning for my bolero and do it 350ch, nobody cares anyway. In addition to some of these spare exhausts that suit you on your vehicles, come without a catalytic converter. This means that they are not really compliant with BS6 standards. Indeed, the catalyst plays an important role in the conversion of toxic exhaust gases into water vapor and less toxic carbon dioxide. Hey Tanmoy You need to record the same on your RC Bull Bars are metal rod-shaped structures attached to the vehicle`s bumper. They reduce damage to the front of the vehicle by absorbing shocks. However, they can also transfer the energy of the impact directly to the body of the vehicle. This makes Bull Bars a dangerous accessory. Apart from that, some modifications can be made to the engine with RTO approval. Deviations in the engine number of the car from what is mentioned in the RC book can cause you trouble. Therefore, it is important to remember that the engine number cannot be changed without the RTO`s approval, and that the RC book must reflect any changes.

They can clog sensors, such as parking sensors and even the airbag sensor. The airbag sensor is located at the front of the vehicle. If you have an accident, the airbag circuit becomes complete and the airbags deploy. However, if you have Bull Bars installed in your car, it can mess up the sensors and the airbags may not deploy in time. Do you want to equip your car? Read: The 10 Most Popular Car Accessories That Are Trending Right Now This also applies to wheels.