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Street prostitution consisted of foreign and local prostitutes; However, a large part of the group are foreign prostitutes. These were prostitutes and men who were called “sidewalk caterpillars” and who sought the “services” of prostitutes. Street prostitution found its way to the center of the capital Helsinki, where it became very popular with about 50 street prostitutes. [13] Helsinki residents were irritated by the allowing of street prostitution in their neighborhoods, so in 1994, a group of activists joined forces to abolish street prostitution as a whole. They launched the “Prostitution Off the Streets” movement, where they patrolled the streets at night for possible street prostitution and launched a petition against street prostitution. [14] This type of prostitution was legal until 1999, when laws prohibited prostitution in public spaces. This new law pushed the street prostitution trade north into the city of Vantaa until Vantaa also began banning prostitution in public spaces a year later. [15] 13. Argentina: Prostitution is legal in Argentina as long as participants are over 18 years of age. In particular, trafficking in women and children within and outside the country for the purpose of prostitution has become a problem. Prostitution is legal and regulated by Cabinet Decree No. 32 on the Restriction of Prostitution of 2008. You can sell sexual services.

The purchase of sexual services is also legal, unless it is someone you suspect of being trafficked or who works for a pimp or is under the age of 18. “Common law relationships, same-sex relations, adultery and prostitution are illegal and punishable by severe penalties, including the death penalty. “The national legal situation in Spain since 1995 is that prostitution is legal, but completely unregulated. Since 01.07.2015, a new law prohibits the purchase of sexual services in certain public places. INDONESIA – Prostitution is legal (260,580,739 inhabitants) “Prostitution has been legal in Switzerland since 1942. Laws on prostitution in the areas of civil law, labour law and tax law as well as social security, criminal law and aliens law fall within the competence of the federal State. On the other hand, there are specific rules on when, where and under what conditions prostitution can be practiced. falls within the competence of the cantons [States]. Czech Republic – Prostitution is legal (10,674,723) “[In Slovakia, prostitution] is neither prohibited nor subject to legal guarantees.” “Prostitution is legal for adults aged 18 and over and is widespread throughout the country.

Although legal, there are few protections or controls for sex workers in the industry (which increases the chances of getting an STI). Child prostitution (the average sex worker starts at 16) and human trafficking are also real problems, especially in Chapare and large urban centres. On 17 April [2009], the last day before the adjournment of the Icelandic Parliament in preparation for the 25 April elections, members passed a law criminalising the purchase of persons for the purpose of prostitution. Inspired by Swedish law, which deals with the demand in the sex industry [where buying sex is illegal but selling sex remains legal], the action was hailed as a historic moment in the international fight against human trafficking. In fact, the act of prostitution in Colombia is regulated by law. Only brothels in authorized areas are allowed. Sex workers in Colombia are also open to health check-ups. In Colombia, on the other hand, child prostitution is frowned upon. Colombia is threatened by the fact that girls and women act for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

“In the particular case of Costa Rica, prostitution is legal for workers, but not for those who `promote or facilitate` it.” SOUTH AFRICA – Prostitution is illegal (54,841,552) “It is illegal to run a brothel, organize prostitution and live off the proceeds of prostitution. The request for the sale of sex is illegal within 500 meters of a school, church or residence. Buying sex is not illegal. Prostitution is illegal in every state except Nevada. Indoor prostitution became legal in Rhode Island in 1980 due to an involuntary loophole created by lawmakers. The state passed a law on November 3, 2009, closing the loophole. “Since 1990, prostitution is no longer prohibited, but takes place in a legal grey area. Prostitution is legal, but not regulated. “Mexico is a federal system in which each state can interpret, enact and enforce different sex work laws. In many of the 32 states, it is illegal to operate, obtain or advertise a brothel. In others, including Mexico City, there are sanctioned red light districts and sex workers must register with the city`s health services and have a health card with them.

Buying sex is not illegal. Different governments at the state or county level within a country may adopt rules for sex work, so they are not uniform throughout the country. “Germany is one of the states that not only allow prostitution, but also try to control it through additional laws. [Prostitution is] legal, but regulated. The sale of sexual services is legal, but the purchase of sexual services is illegal under sections 24 and 25 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017. Prostitution is illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 1986 and the Summary Offences Act 1921. “The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a law amending the legal framework for prostitution to combat trafficking in human beings and pimping. Prostitution is legal in Luxembourg, but the bill will criminalise underage prostitutes, vulnerable people – for example, people with mental illness or without valid documents – or victims of human trafficking.

“Under the Norwegian Penal Code, the sale of sexual services is legal. However, it is illegal for Norwegian citizens/people living in Norway to purchase sexual services, whether in Norway or abroad. The purchase of sexual services is punishable by a fine and up to one year in prison. Procurement is the act of obtaining a person or inducing one person to prostitute himself for another. The opening of brothels is also not allowed. In addition to being mere rules of honor, Costa Rica not only allows prostitution, but also supports its interests to the public. “Is it illegal to sell sex? Yes – Are victims of human trafficking exempt from prosecution for prostitution-related crimes? Yes – Are there any age differences? (i.e. Is it legal for adults, but not for minors?) No– Is there a difference between brothel and street prostitution? Attendant? No, not at all. “In Austria, commercial sex work is legal, but it is regulated at three administrative levels: national, state and local.” 8. New Zealand: New Zealand is a country in Oceania with its capital Wellington.

Prostitution is not illegal in New Zealand. There is no law that criminalizes sex work. Buying and selling sex is allowed, as is running brothels. However, child prostitution and the placement of a child in prostitution are strictly prohibited. NORWAY – Prostitution is limited to the law (5,320,045) “Although adult prostitution is legal and relatively widespread for adults over the age of 18, the law prohibits the promotion or facilitation of prostitution.” Prostitution in Finland (the exchange of sexual acts for money) is legal, but advertising in a public place and organized prostitution (running a brothel or prostitution ring and other forms of pimping) are illegal. [1] According to a 2010 TAMPEP study, 69% of prostitutes working in Finland are migrant women. [2] In 2009, there was little “visible” prostitution in Finland, as it was mainly limited to private residences and nightclubs in large metropolitan areas. [3] [4] “Prostitution is legal for women over the age of 18 if they register with the municipal authorities and have a health certificate.

The vast majority of prostitutes worked in the informal sector, where they were not protected by their health. Prostitutes can therefore be registered, they are open to free health checks at regular intervals and they also receive supportive help. It is to this extent that prostitution is clearly legal in Costa Rica. As a result, the country faces the problem of child prostitution, sex trafficking and the high rate of HIV. In Denmark, prostitution was decriminalized in 1999, in part because it seemed easier to monitor industry surveillance if it took place outside – it is always easier to monitor a legal trade than an illegal one. The activities of third parties such as coercion, supply, trafficking in human beings and solicitation of minors remain illegal. But that`s not to say that this legalization didn`t bring with it strange legal problems.