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In addition to some of these spare exhaust gases that you install in your vehicles, they come without a catalytic converter. This means that they are not really compliant with BS6 standards. Indeed, the catalyst plays an important role in the conversion of toxic exhaust gases into water vapor and less toxic carbon dioxide. Yes, the technical installation of a turbocharger in a naturally aspirated vehicle is absolutely legal. The government has banned air horns to keep an eye on the safety of the environment and people. If you think that honking your horn intermittently on busy roads can make you distracted while driving, loud horns can cause even bigger problems. Loud noises can contribute to hearing loss and are certainly harmful to animals and birds. Horns that produce sounds above 100 decibels are prohibited. It is a spare accessory from which you should stay away. www.autocarindia.com/car-news/bs6-emission-norms-all-you-need-to-know-413968 In India, aftermarket exhaust is prohibited unless it is certified by the RTO. This means that only aftermarket mufflers offered by automakers as approved accessories are allowed in the country because they meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Royal Enfield, KTM and many other companies sell their own range of high-performance exhaust systems, and their use will not put you in the crosshairs of the authorities. Hello Dinesh No, it is not legal to have a carbon fiber hood as it affects body weight, which can be dangerous on the road Is it legal to replace the existing halogen lamp with an LED of the same power? Are you serious. They consider me one of those D-bags that drive their rx100 with free-flow escapement and cascade in heavy traffic without a helmet. I don`t know why people here have so much hate. The upgrade isn`t really noisy, it just adds a little more bass to the exhaust note. www.carinfo.app/what-are-the-car-modification-laws-in-india/ I don`t think a noisy exhaust is a good idea, it becomes irritating when you do the 50th in a day on the daily commute to work. Are all exhaust modifications illegal in California? Exhaust modifications are only illegal if the noise emitted is greater than 95 decibels. Keep in mind that California smog laws or other laws can still make your custom exhaust modifications illegal. All exhaust systems of the vehicle shall be fitted with silencers. Royal Enfield is one of the most popular two-wheeler brands in India.

Its motorcycles are known to buyers for their classic appeal and therefore for their presence on the main street. It`s also very popular with customizers, and earlier we saw several Harley Davidson lookalikes based on Royal Enfield motorcycles. In India, any form of adaptation to a vehicle is illegal. One of the most common modifications to Royal Enfield motorcycles is the addition of a spare exhaust. In the past, police have seized several Royal Enfield motorcycles for their noisy illegal exhausts for the aftermarket. To solve this problem, the bicycle manufacturer has recently introduced a number of official aftermarket exhaust systems that comply with new emission standards and the Highway Code. At the moment, these exhaust systems are only available for Classic 350. Here`s a video showing how to install the official aftermarket muffler in a Classic 350. Any spare exhaust for your motorcycle can be purchased, but it shouldn`t sound louder than 80 decibels above, which could penalize you, and that`s prohibited. Is changing the bumper with the aftermarket bumper illegal? This video was downloaded from a YouTube channel called MUNDODI VLOGS.

The Youtube video begins with a comparison of the size of the two escapements. The motorcycle`s standard exhaust is shorter, but has a wider opening at the end. Compared to the standard exhaust systems offered in its BS3 Standard 350, the new aftermarket muffler produced less noise. I was idling at a traffic light with the engine of my bike and it caught the attention of a police officer. My bike had a spare exhaust (Arrow) with db killers removed, so I suspect it probably exceeded acceptable limits (UPDATE: It`s actually not exceeded). In the end, I paid ₹300 to the policeman without a beneficiary. It is common for vehicle owners to adapt their vehicles and two-wheelers to their tastes and preferences.