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Are you not getting Google Adsense Approval? If you are not getting approved Google Adsense, then I will tell you the best Google Adsense approval trick 2020.

Many people dream that their Google Adsense approval will be approved and earn money by putting their ads on their website, but there are many people even after working hard they don’t get approval from Adsense and all their dream break.

Adsense is considered sore from the rest of the advertisement program because Adsense pays the highest commission to its publisher. Many people come to the bogging field only because of Adsense so that he can earn from Adsense.

Whichever Google Adsense is not approving, then understand that you are not following their policy or rule. If you want to know the Google Adsense approval trick then follow these Google Adsense approval trick and you will definitely get success in the first attempt only.

But before explaining Google Adsense approval trick 2020, I will explain some important things you should know.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an affiliate program network that is run by Google through which website publishers get this ad in the format of the text, image or video.

The first objective of all those who come in the blogging field is to monetize their site or blog with Google Adsense and earn a lot of money from Adsense.

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How does Google Adsense work?

Every company has its own keyword, which people search on Google. If your website matches that keyword then the related ads will show on your blog or website.

When the Google robots visit on your website and detect the keyword then ads will show related to your keyword. For example, If you have written about the hosting in your article then Google will display the ads related to hosting on your website.

How much can I get a commission from Google Adsense?

Suppose a company has invested 100% of its money on ads and if a visitor comes on your website and click on that ads then you will get a commission by 68% out of 100% and the remaining 32% will keep Google.

Top 10 Google Adsense approval trick 2020

Adsense Account is not for everyone. If you have a website or blog then you can apply for Adsense and I will tell you in this article that if your blog is ready with proper customization then follow these top 10 Adsense approval trick which is given below.

If you are a beginner then you should definitely know about Google Adsense approval trick.

1. Domain Age

Do not be too crazy to apply AdSense, some people do this that they create a blog and start searching from the next day to apply AdSense.

Don’t do this, the first thing you need to do is give time to your blog or website and keep uploading a post on regular basis. For example, you can upload a post on daily, twice a week or weekly basis but maintain the regularity.

According to Google’s guidelines you have to be a 6 months old domain to apply Adsense. If you apply before this then the chances of rejection are more. But this rule is not always true.

When I started my first blog then I have applied to Google Adsense only after 2 months and my Adsense account has been approved. So the Adsense approval trick is if the quality of your content is good and unique, then you can also try by applying in Google Adsense.

2. High-Quality content

You must have heard somewhere that Content is the King. Content means whatever you write in an article or post that is called content.

What is high-quality content?

If your content is very new, unique or different from others and when you full fill all the user’s questions or queries then that content is called high-quality content.

People who are new bloggers think that by copying article or content from another website and pasting it on their website and searching Google Adsense approval trick.

If you think that you will get Adsense approval of your blog by copying content from someone else’s website or blog then you are so wrong. It is not like that, Google is not so stupid as much you are thinking. Google checks every page indexed in Google

Therefore, my recommendation will be that write article on your website that is original, 100% unique(different from other websites) so that you have more chance of getting approval from Google Adsense.

Google also says that every article should be sufficient no. of words to get approval from Adsense. But my recommendation will be that you have to write more than 1000 words for each article so that the chances of getting approval in Google Adsense increases.

3. No. of Posts or Articles

It is not written anywhere how many articles you should write to get Adsense approval but if you write 300-600 words article then you have to write at least 25 or 30 articles and also you will have trouble in getting Adsense approval.

In my experience, if you write more than 15 articles of 1000+ words then no one can stop it from getting approved from Google Adsense and 95% chance that you will get AdSense approval from Google.

4. Don’t use illegal content

If you use a word or write an article about hacking, gambling, casino, adult, drug or abuse on your blog then you will never get Adsense Approval because Google never likes such related contents.

If you have used something like this then first you have to remove it and after that apply for Google Adsense. Otherwise, your account will be suspended.

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5. User-Friendly Design

The design or structure of your blog has to be user-friendly to get Adsense approval that means your website or blog should be mobile-friendly with navigation in it through which your visitors can read your blog easily. Due to this, you will get more chances to approve Adsense.

Do not put more widgets, images and more colours on your blog or website otherwise your website’s loading time may increase and speed ​​may decrease due to which you will have a lot of effect in Google search ranking which is not good for your blog.

6. Important Pages

To take AdSense approval on any website or blog then it is very important to have a few pages which are given below.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Condition

You may have also seen some websites where all these pages are not available but still, their Adsense approved. This depends upon someone’s luck.

All these pages are very important and recommended by Adsense because when the user wants to contact you then they can easily contact with you so if you put all these pages then your Adsense approval Chances of being very high.

7. Adsense Supported Languages

If you think that you will write articles on your blog in any language and AdSense will approve you then you think wrong. AdSense supports only a few languages and you will have to write the same supported language only and then you will be approved.

Apart from where if you write an article in other languages, then your Adsense will not be approved. For more information click on this link and see which language Google Adsense supports.

8. Don’t buy visitors

Google likes real visitors who come from search results or social sites. If you buy visitors to increase your blog’s traffic, then the chances of getting approval from AdSense is reduced.

Even if you are bringing visitors to your website suddenly by spam, your AdSense will not be approved and if already approved then that account will be suspended in the coming days.

If 50 visitors to your blog are coming daily then you have enough to get Adsense approval. There is nothing to worry because AdSense sees your site or content quality, not visitors.

9. Top-level domain(TLD)

Whenever you buy a domain, buy only a top-level domain. If you buy a top-level domain then you will get more preference from Adsense other than free domain or subdomain, so that your chances of Adsense approval will increase.

You can also use your custom email address for AdSense. Like [email protected] and due to this Adsense will give more priority to your blog and your chances will increase for Adsense approval.

Top-level domain example like .com, .in or .ent etc. You can know more from the given link below.

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10. Don’t use other Ad Network

There is more advertising network other than Google Adsense. If you have placed another advertising network ads like Media.net on your blog, then remove all these ads before applying Google Adsense and then apply for Adsense so that your AdSense account will be approved.

If you don’t remove other ads from your blog and if you apply for Google Adsense then AdSense noticed that another ad network on your blog is installed, it will disapprove your account.

Yes, if you want to know Adsense approval trick, then you must have to remover other company ads. After that, when Adsense will approve your account then you can put ads from other company now.

A quick summary of Google Adsense approval trick 2020

  1. Minimum 2 months old website requires to get the approval of Google Adsense
  2. The quality of the content should be very good like different from others, 100% unique or fresh
  3. Minimum 15 articles or post with 1000+ words
  4. Don’t write an article about hacking, gambling, casino, adult, drug or abuse on your blog
  5. Your website or blog should be user-friendly or mobile-friendly with proper navigation(don’t use more widgets or images).
  6. Create these pages on your blog About Us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
  7. Use Adsense Supported Languages on your blog
  8. Do not buy visitors or do not use spammy visitors
  9. Use top-level domain (TLD) like .com, .in, .net or .org etc
  10. Don’t use other Ad Network on your blog until Adsense is approved

So in this way, I told you the Google Adsense approval trick 2020, which if you will follow these Adsense approval trick then definitely you will get approved Adsense.


If you follow the above Google Adsense approval trick then you can get easily AdSense approval on your website or blog.

If there is any problem in taking approval from Adsense then you can ask your question in the comment section, I will give you the appropriate answer for more information about the Adsense approval trick.

FAQs Google Adsense approval trick:

Q1. Google Adsense approval trick for bloggers or Blogspot? 

Like other platforms, you can get Adsense approval on blogger by following the above Google Adsense approval trick. By using a free subdomain you can’t get approval for Adsense. So first of all, you should have a custom domain. Custom domains are not very expensive. You can get a custom domain at a low price. So buy a domain and add it to Blogger or Blogspot.

Remember never to apply for Adsense from Blogger or Blogspot Dashboard. Because if Google approves your account then you will be limited, which will only show you ads on Blogger or Blogspot and you can not use that Adsense on any other website. This type of Adsense account is called a “Self-hosted Adsense account”.

Always apply on the site of AdSense and after approval apply the AdSense code manually on your Blogspot. Such type of account is called a “Non-hosted Adsense account“. You can use this Adsense account on every website.

Q2. How to apply to Google Adsense?

Most of the bloggers will use Google Adsense because they pay so much money. All you have to do is to create a blog and you have to write 20-25 articles on your blog. After that, if you are getting good traffic or visitors on your website or blog then you can apply for Google Adsense.

After applying, you will get a message from Google Adsense within a week for approval status. If your Adsense has been approved then you can add Google ads to your blog.
To check your earnings,  you can just log in to your Google Adsense account and check how much you have earned in the day or a month.

Note: If you have very few visitors to your site or blog and if you apply for Google Adsense then you have fewer chances of getting approval and by the way, if you have fewer visitors on your site then there is no advantage to applying Google Adsense because you can’t get money without traffic.

Q3. Does Adsense pay for impressions?

Yes, of course, Adsense also pays on impressions. It is called RPM(revenue per 1000 impressions).

Q4. How many ways to earn through Google Adsense?

There are two ways to earn through Google Adsense:

Clicks: When your visitors will click on your ads then you get the money from Adsense. The earnings will depend on how many clicks you received. The more clicks you get, the more money you will earn.

The more times your ads are viewed by your visitors, the more money you will get. You can assume 1$ for 1000 visits on your blog articles.

Q5. How much traffic do I need for Google Adsense approval?

Here is the Adsense approval trick is AdSense does not check your website traffic. They check the quality of the content on your blog. Therefore, my recommendation will be that write article on your website that is original, 100% unique so that you have more chance of getting approval from Google Adsense.

Q6. How much Adsense Pay per 1000 views?

This is a very big question asked by the new blogger and it is asked many times, so today I clear to you that the earning doesn’t depend on the views, it depends upon the CPC(cost per click) and RPM(revenue per 1000 impressions).

Q7. What is the minimum payout of Google Adsense?

The minimum payout of Google Adsense is 100$.

Q8. How to get money in the bank account from Google Adsense?

For getting money in your bank first you have to cross 100$ eaning in Adsense then you can withdraw that money.

To get money in the bank, first of all, you have to give your account details like account holder name, bank account number, IFSC code, SWIFT code etc. Once your account is verified then Google will give you money from the 21-24th date of every month. Let us come to the point but before knowing this first we must know why the Google Adsense account is disabled?

Q9. How much time to take Adsense approval?

There is no fixed timing for this, for some publisher account gets activated within 24 to 48 hours and for some takes a couple of weeks.

Q10. Can I use Google Adsense and affiliate both on the same website?

Yes of course but if you want to know the best Adsense approval trick then I will recommend that if you have a website for an affiliate like amazon then you should not put Adsense ads on your website because it can reduce your conversion rate.

Q11. Can I use the same Adsense account for the blog as well as youtube?

Yes, you can.

Q12. Which is the best Adsense Alternative if the Adsense approval trick does not work for me?

If by chance the Adsense approval trick will not work for you then you can join on media.net affiliate program, but the drawback of this company is that you only have to write articles or content in English and the rest of the language is not supported.
But remember, there is no other company paying more than Google Adsense.

Q13. What is pin verification of Google Adsense?

When you earned 10$ or above then Google will ask you to fillup up the form which is given in the Adsense dashboard. After filling the form with your address then Google will send you a pin in an envelope.

You have to verify that pin in the Adsense account. Without pin verification, you can’t able to get money in the bank account.